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Our company contracted Pro Fleet Care to undercoat approx 80 pces of equipment. Pro Fleet Care accommodated our time schedules and various locations making it cost effective for us to do. The product and proper coverage is achieving my expectations. Due to the fact some of our equipment is specialized, proper guidance and communication as to what they could and couldn't spray was essential. Pro Fleet Care had the equipment and manpower to handle our needs.
> Rob H., Equipment Manager, Building Supplies Company

From the beginning Pro Fleet Care impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. Pro Fleet Care caught items our previous contractor missed. I'm confident the professional application of their product will help preserve our fleet for years to come.
> Shawn A., Deputy Fire Chief

"Having been involved in the scale industry for over 35 years, we have installed many heavy duty truck scales over the years and highly recommend to all our customers to help protect their investment by having the scale oiled. Benefits on having the scale oiled are: helps to prevent rust build-up, prevents movable parts from seizing and extends the life of the scale. Pro Fleet Care has been taking care of our customers for a number of years and I highly recommend the company. They provide an excellent service, are highly professional and do a great job."
> Jim, Owner of a Heavy Duty Scale Company

We use Pro Fleet Care because of their level of service and personal attention they provide us while managing the rust control process. We see a definite improvement when it comes to protecting our fleet against corrosion. The service provided by the franchise owners of Pro Fleet Care is extremely professional.
> Paul L., Assistant Fleet Management Coordinator

I have a 1997 Ford F150, which is in great shape. I like the convenience of the Pro Fleet Care service and the fact that they come to my location. No detail is missed as demonstrated by the fact that they remove the tail lights in order to spray the box fenders with a long rod.
> Ken M., Owner of Tractor Referb and Body Shop

In 1994 Pro Fleet Care began servicing my vehicles. At the time I had a 1980 Chevy pick up which I had already done a body job on. By spraying it, Pro Fleet Care was able to stop it from rusting any more. They also started spraying a 1990 Dodge service van which has never shown rust. Using Pro Fleet Care has proven to be convenient as well as a wise investment.
> Murray M., Mobile Mechanic and Truck Repair Shop

Using Pro Fleet Care is like regularly changing your vehicle’s oil. It is a small cost when you compare the extended life we have obtained on our fleet. The service is also convenient and cost effective as we do not eat up man hours running our vehicles to a shop.
> Dan V., Owner of a Large Canadian Wholesale Nursery

A 1997 Ford F150 with 330,000km and a body that looks like the day I bought it; is how I would describe my truck. I have friends that can’t believe that my truck has never had a paint or body job. How I would describe Pro Fleet Care: great service, they come to me, they work within my time schedule and they have fair prices.
> Ken & Karen T., Wholesale Flower Growers

As the shop manager of a large school bus operator, it has paid to use the services of Pro Fleet Care. Before using Pro Fleet Care we experienced issues with brake lines rusting, aluminum and steel body panels rusting through, emergency doors rotting and door hinges binding. In addition to this, replacing parts would take longer. It has been my experience that Pro Fleet Care has kept our fleet in great shape while decreasing our operating costs. I would strongly recommend them to any fleet operator.
> Kendall G., Shop Manager of a Large School Bus Operator

I was sending my customer’s cars out to be sprayed by a competitor of Pro Fleet Care. They had a great product but lacked quality workmanship, which in turn cost me man hours as I would have to return the vehicles to their shop to be touched up. One of my customers had been using Pro Fleet Care for some time and told me they would come to my shop and provide service on site. I liked the product and the service so much that I became a dealer!
> Bert’s Auto / Pro Fleet Care, Dundas Ontario


Pro Fleet Care - Mobile Rust Control and Rust Proofing


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