Exceptional Rust Control and Rust Proofing - on site, on time, as promised.

Unique Application Process

Based on over 25 years of experience in the rust proofing industry, we have developed specialized products that are a unique blend of chemicals that penetrate into hard to reach seams and crevices. This, in combination with our unique two step application process, allows us to spray the exterior trim, including door handles, mirrors, bumper rails, window trim as well as high traffic areas that need extra protection.

We believe that rust control should protect the entire vehicle, from the undercarriage, fenders, doors, door posts, hood, trunk all the way up to the roof line. We’ve established this total process because we know that rust is not selective. You can be assured that we will do everything possible to protect your vehicle. Most of all, your private resale value is increased.

Pro Fleet Care offers:

  • A mobile rust control service at your place of business
  • Reduced equipment and employee down time; service during non-peak hours available
  • Reduced liability of transporting equipment; equipment remains on site; non-motored items can also be sprayed
  • Customer-focused service; one customer serviced at a time
  • Collaboration with the customer; customer can over see the process or go about their work (we encourage our customers to watch the process; we have no shop walls)


Plow Truck Example - Areas of Protection

Plow Truck Example - Rust Control and Rust Proofing Areas of Protection

Plow Truck Example Chart


What do we spray?

  • buses
  • cars
  • dock plates
  • dump trucks
  • fertilizer spreaders
  • fertilizer towers
  • green house equipment
  • landscape equipment
  • loaders
  • manure spreaders
  • pickup trucks
  • plows and plow trucks
  • salt spreaders
  • salt storage domes
  • salt trucks
  • stone slingers
  • SUVs
  • tractors
  • trailers
  • transport trucks
  • vans
  • weight scales

Who uses our service?

  • agriculture
  • construction
  • crown corporations
  • federal agencies
  • intercity bus lines
  • local agencies
  • local utilities
  • municipal agencies
  • school bus fleets
  • transit commissions
  • transportation fleets
  • trucking fleets
For more information, read our frequently asked questions.

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