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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your product environmentally friendly?
> Yes, at Pro Fleet Care we are committed to using both safe and environmentally friendly products.

Will you still come out if it is raining/snowing?
> Absolutely. As for our team, they will work in almost any type of weather to ensure our customers fleet is protected. As for the product, it is specially formulated so that it lifts and displaces moisture, leaving a coating of protection that repels moisture and the harmful elements that cause rust.

Our company has a large landscaping fleet that is always on the go. Will Pro Fleet Care service after hours?
> Yes, at Pro Fleet Care, we strive to meet the many needs of our customers. We can organize an appropriate time frame that best suits your needs.

I just purchased a used loader that is already showing signs of rust. Is it too late to have it protected?
> No. We regularly work with customers who have vehicles that are already showing signs of rust when we begin treating them. With regular treatment we have found that we can extend the life of the equipment significantly.

How often should I have my vehicles/fleet sprayed?
> In most cases a vehicle will need to be treated annually. In some rare instances where a vehicle is subject to an extreme environment/conditions, a more frequent schedule may be required. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

I love the fact that Pro Fleet Care comes to us. Will you also do my car in my driveway at home?
> In such cases, we will arrange to spray customer's' vehicles with their fleet at their convenience.

How soon after can we wash our trucks?
> Your trucks can be washed right after application, however, we would recommend that you wait 24 to 48 hours after application, in order to let the product to penetrate more thoroughly.

What preparation should we do prior to spraying?
> We can spray vehicles/equipment in any condition. In some cases where vehicles have an extreme build up of mud on the underside, we recommend the underside and wheel wells be power washed.


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